Our Approach

If you look up the word functional in the dictionary you would find the following definition:

One of a group of related actions contributing to a larger action.
The normal and specific contribution of a bodily part to the economy of an organism.

The dictionary is pointing out an important truth. The body is a functional system. It is made of parts, connections, and actions. To truly optimize the function of the human body, we have to train it in a manner that does not just focus on parts, but it connects the parts and the actions.

To get the most out of your body, it is imperative that you learn to train the entire system. It is not bad or improper to isolate things, but it is more functional to integrate your training so that it involves reproducing functional movements against the resistance of gravity.

The Functional Approach that guides all programs at Functional Fitness trains your whole body rather than individual muscles. We train movement to improve performance. Movements can be constrained by innate individual capabilities, specific tasks and environmental demands. Increasing or decreasing the demands of the task, changing the environment or improving an individual’s functional capacity improves control, which results in better movement.

A functional approach will look at your body as a linked system. By training the system in the Nine Dimensions of Fitness, enhanced athleticism, restored performance and improved fitness will emerge. When a functional approach is applied to the principles of progression, overload and specificity, your body’s ability to adapt to environmental demands improves. The better you are at movement, the more variability you have in that movement.

Our aim is to produce what is known as “functional transfer,” or the ability to directly connect the improvements you make with your training program to the environments you live, work, and play in. We want you to be stronger and more flexible. We want you to have more endurance, improved balance, and a more efficient cardiovascular system. Most of all, we want you to be able to apply the changes you make directly to the environments, tasks, sports, and activities that you enjoy.

“Without purpose, movement has no meaning.” ~ Rick Warren

At Pro-Motion Functional Fitness we believe this quote contains truth when applied to exercise. An exercise that is not done for a specific reason, and is not performed purposely, may not create “functional transfer”. We define functional transfer as the ability to attach the gains made through your exercise program directly to the task and activities you desire and need to do. Whether your goal is running a 10k, cycling the canyon, or just working in your yard, we want to work with you to create a plan that attaches your purpose to your potential.

“Without movement, purpose has no pathway.”

Movement is the thing that connects us to our goals. The path to your desires is connected to how efficiently and effectively you move. Safe, efficient, and effective movements will allow you to live your life to its fullest.

At Pro-Motion Functional Fitness we use a functional approach. What do we mean by “function?” Functional activities are those activities identified by you as essential to support your physical, social, and psychological well-being. These are the activities that help you create a proper sense of meaningful living.

The goal of the human body as a system is to integrate. Integration can be seen as a natural push towards greater health. That is what your body seeks. We want to help you discover your purpose, your vision, and your goals, because when you attempt to stay healthy, rather than to be made well by the medical world, you become central to the process, and you develop control over the process rather than just an outcome of it.

We Know Who You are

At Pro-Motion Functional Fitness we want to know who you are. We want to understand what it is you want to accomplish. Most of all, we want to help you understand the reasons and the whys behind your pursuit of an active, healthy lifestyle. “Why is it important for you to get fit?” If we know the reasons, we can help you forge the strong habits that will take you where you want to go. In the end, your actions are based on your own unique desires and beliefs. We want to understand them and help you move closer to them by working on integrating the nine dimensions of fitness into your life.

“How do you want the program to feel?” Better yet, “How do you want to feel when you get done?” “Do you want to feel rejuvenated, energized, exhausted, fatigued, or rewarded?” If we know what you want, we can create a program to meet your desires.

In the end, the key to obtaining goals is a high level of motivation and intention. Motivation is both internally driven and environmentally controlled. We can help you create real intention to change with our goal-setting program and then create an environment to encourage your progress.