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Functional Movement Specialist

The difference between a personal trainer and a functional movement specialist begins with a requirement to hold a four-year degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or a similar health and fitness related field. These Specialists undergo four full years of rigorous coursework on how each body system works and responds to stimuli. They are required to complete hours of practical training applications in order to physically see how each complex system adapts to exercise. Functional Movement Specialists are taught how to design and facilitate healthy fitness programs using proper training principles. Through committing four years to learning the complexities of how the body works, these Specialists have devoted their lives to you and your well-being.

Furthermore, our Functional Movement Specialists undergo continuing education courses, facilitated by the Gray Institute, in order to further their knowledge of the way your body moves. They learn the principles, strategies, and techniques to help you develop fundamental movement patterns. They know how to apply motion, force and time to increase or decrease intensity. Likewise, they utilize principles of FITT, adaptation, progression, and specificity. The tools and knowledge gained through education prepare these human movement specialists to better assess and prescribe a training program.

At Pro-Motion Functional Fitness we are “Guided by Function. Transformation by Design.”

Pro-active Metabolism

Obesity (or more precisely, over-fatness), defined as an excess accumulation of body fat, is a heterogeneous disorder with a final common pathway in which energy intake chronically exceeds energy expenditure. It affects more than 120,000,000 Americans and 1 billion globally. 3 out of 10 Americans are clinically obese today with 55% adults aged 20 years and older.

The obese population has doubled during the last two decades and is projected to double once again over the next two generations. These increases have led to the World Health Organization and the International Obesity Task Force to declare obesity a worldwide epidemic-”GLOBESITY”. Startlingly, U.S. consumers spend over $46 billion annually on various weight-loss schemes and yet over 80% regain 110% of the weight lost through those efforts.

Combining a variety of proven and effective clinical strategies, we have developed a four part approach to help you attack this problem. The Pro-Active Metabolism model utilizes body composition testing, exercise design and supervision, and a customized exercise program.

• Targeted aerobic exercise to promote “fat burning” most efficiently.

• Resistance training to increase lean body mass and to increase your muscle and connective tissue resiliency.

• High intensity interval training to facilitate fat burning during exercise recovery.

• Nutritional education and counseling aimed at improving your knowledge and choices regarding fuel
(nutritional) sources. Important tips will be given to help eliminate excess calorie intake based on your
pattern of eating.

The Pro-Active Metabolism program takes the guess work out of how best to lose weight and should be of benefit to those patients who are having trouble making changes on their own.

At Functional Fitness we want to see you succeed. Our model takes you from where you are to where you desire to be, with expert guidance. Every member receives an assessment that includes goal setting, bio marker measurement, and a functional movement assessment. Following your initial assessment, you receive a one on one personal training session to learn the exercise program developed specifically for you.

Included with each membership, you have the opportunity to be reassessed every 8 weeks with a new, completely redesigned exercise program to ensure continuous progress toward your goal.

Membership Options

Month to Month Memberships

No long term contract required. Month to month memberships are paid via auto pay with a credit card or automatic funds transfer. They may be cancelled at any time with at least 30 days written notice of cancellation. Temporary holds are available for at minimum one-month time.

12-Month Membership

12-month memberships are available as a one-time payment, quarterly payment (via auto pay), or monthly installments (via auto pay). Quarterly and monthly installments require a deposit due at the time of purchase.

6-Month Membership

6-month memberships are available as a one-time payment. Not eligible for hold.

3-Month Membership

3-month memberships are available as a one-time payment. Not eligible for hold.

Monthly Unlimited Membership

The monthly unlimited membership includes all the benefits of membership with the addition of all paid group fitness classes (enrollments not included) and a thirty minute personal training session each month. This membership option is only available via auto pay with a credit card or automatic funds transfer. It may be cancelled with at least 30 days written notice and is eligible to be placed on hold for a minimum of one month.

Corporate Membership Plans

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Seniors 63 and older, military veterans and current military service members, firefighters, police, healthcare workers and school district employees. Contact us for more information.


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