Athletic Performance

Athletic Rebuilding and Conditioning

A.R.C. programs are designed to optimize sports performance. In addition to exercises designed to improve the athletes abilities in the Core Dimensions of Fitness, specific programs have been designed to address the sports specific needs of our athletes.

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Special Operations Training
S.P.O.T. programs are designed for the men and women in our community who serve in the police, fire, and military services. Each of these areas of work poses specific physical demands on the body. The S.P.O.T. programs will improve the operator’s ability to perform their job at the highest level.
Speed and Agility Training
Sprinting is the ability to run at maximal or near maximal efforts for relatively short periods of time. Success in sprinting is the product of three factors: 1) stride frequency, 2) stride length; and 3) anaerobic endurance. With proper training and coaching an athlete can enhance their performance level by improving any or all of these three areas. The influence of coaching is most clearly seen in the following areas: 1) technique or mechanics of running, 2) proper training or metabolic development, 3) flexibility, 4) strength development, 5) practice sessions including drills, and 6) race techniques and strategies including breathing techniques. The S.A.T. programs have been designed using the latest research to create measurable changes in straight ahead speed and lateral speed and agility.
Vertical Lift Training
Power development, or the ability to express strength in a short period of time, is the cornerstone to high level athletic performance in a variety of sports. Think of Michael Jordan dunking a basketball, or Larry Fitzgerald leaping over defenders to snag a pass. Plyometrics is a form of power training in which specific exercises are performed with the goal of improving the ability to jump. Jumping, both vertically and horizontally, is a key component in sports such as football, basketball and track. We have developed a program to help athletes improve the power, height, depth and endurance of their jump ability with the aim at enhancing their performance on the playing field.

Get ready for access to the most cutting edge run training and injury rehab technology. M2 Revolution now offers what until now only a small group of world class runners secretly practice – NASA technology that defies gravity.

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This unique un-weighting treadmill allows pre- and post-injury patients, obese patients who are having difficulty losing weight, as well as healthy individuals who wish to improve their athletic performance, to exercise safely by generating a powerful lifting force (unloading) using Advanced Differential Air Pressure Technology (ADAPT). Wearing neoprene shorts, the athlete or patient zips into a pressurized, airtight enclosure, which calibrates to their exact body weight. With an easy-to-use control panel, you can adjust your weight, reducing it by as much as 80%, in precise 1% increments.

Prior to the Alter-G, many athletes or physical therapy patients exercised in pools, using water to remove body weight. However, the ability to unload body weight in water is limited to the depth of the pool; and this method lacks the control you have over the precise amount of weight you choose to reduce. It also removes the challenge of preventing infections when open wounds are exposed to water. In contrast, the Alter-G allows you to adjust weight in precise increments, control treadmill speed, incline, and direction, and experiment with many variables within a safe, comfortable, supervised environment. It also allows a controlled, incremental return to safe exercise.

The Alter-G provides exceptional benefits for sports medicine. It strengthens and improves coordination of muscles, protects surrounding joints, and helps promote a full range of motion. The treadmill is used to minimize stress during athletic conditioning, and enables injured athletes and non-athletes to maximize their fitness retention as they recover. For functional rehabilitation applications, the Alter-G enables pre-surgery conditioning with significantly reduced pain. Its incremental adjustments allow patients to specify exactly when exercise becomes pain free, and will help us quickly find the “tipping point” where normal gait mechanics resume as the forces of ground reaction, gravity, and body weight are incrementally reduced. It will create a natural a simple information to help us dose exercise and track and chart their progress.

This new system will enhance our ability to restore natural gait patterns, range of motion, joint and muscle loading . We believe it will ultimately enhance your patient’s, your athletes, and your loved ones ability to return to the activities they need to do and participate in the things they enjoy most.

“Quality of life happens to be the element that is most important in motivating people to deal with an injury or illness,” says Noreen Clark, director of the Center for Managing Chronic Disease at the University of Michigan. “People aren’t motivated to follow their clinical regimen if in fact it doesn’t improve the way they function and get along with others and manage day to day.” We pride ourselves on continuously striving to create the most optimal environment for healing and well being. The Alter G Treadmill will give us a whole new way to address and effect our patient’s and our client’s health related quality of life.

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