Our goal is to perform a movement screen on every client. The goal of any screen is to get a glimpse of how the different parts of your body coordinate together in support of movement as a way to show you a snapshot of where your body is.

3D Maps
We are moving now to a new system of screening called 3D MAPS. Three Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System. Physical Therapist Michael Kane helped develop the program with renowned physical therapist and lecturer Gary Gray and a group of other 3D MAPS team members from around the country. This movement analysis allows us to boil down the complex movement potential of your body in to 6 vital tests. The tests are aimed at giving us a measurable feel as to how stable and mobile the parts of your body are in connecting together to create these movements. The results empower us to prioritize a simple, logical, and powerful progression of exercises to normalize the quantity and quality of your movements.
Athletic Combine
A combine like the NFL combine is a series of tests designed to measure an athlete’s physical potential. Speed, strength, power, agility, balance and flexibility are some of the key qualities evaluated. These tests combined with on-field performance create the athlete’s resume. The combine tests create opportunities. Preparation is the mother of skill and has two-fold benefits. Just as every job applicant should be prepped for an interview, every athlete should be prepared going into a combine. The combine gives you a score and insight into your current physical abilities. This gives you an opportunity to improve your skills and maximize your physical potential.

A biometric screening is a very important component of a health and fitness program. The measurements of height, weight, body fat, blood pressure and resting heart rate provide a baseline analysis of your state of health. The screening process can provide helpful information for exercise prescription as well as health risk. At Pro-Motion Functional Fitness we provide each member a biometric screening upon beginning their exercise program.