We are inspired by how complex systems interact in unique ways. We are passionate about seeing people achieve high levels of function. Most importantly, we love people; we love life; we love helping. We move others through love in action to higher levels of health and fitness so they may fulfill potential with a purpose.


Our vision is to bring a move-meant to our communities through love in action.

Through love in action you can live in action. Love in action is the spirit of service (you are our guests. We are here to serve your needs), encouragement (We believe in guiding you toward the goals you set), and advocacy (Understanding the whys behind your goals and working with you to connect your potential to your purpose).

Our approach at Pro-Motion focuses on moving patients from a health minus lifestyle to a health plus lifestyle. Through mind, body, and spirit, we encourage and inspire our patients to develop successful habits that contribute to a high quality of life. Ultimately, we are about connect our patients’ purpose to their potential. How can we help you be moved today?

We believe that a patient’s and client’s stated purpose is the driving force for how they move. By connecting purpose to potential we have a pathway to help you make real change in your life.

We approach our work through the balance of mind, body, and spirit, a three-dimensional outflow of motion and meaning. It’s the driver behind our belief to “Be Moved”. With mind (Be Connected), body (Be Strong), and Spirit (Believe), our patients begin to move to a higher quality of life — from health minus to health plus.