Be Strong

May 8, 2013

Notes in Cascading Harmony

When was the last time you heard a perfectly strummed guitar? Do you recall how the notes rung in beautiful harmony, vibrating at complementary pitches? Isn’t it fascinating that noises at separate but steady intervals unite together to create a complicated, textured, and gorgeous sound?

Compare the chord to a single-note melody on the same guitar. The same strings, crafted wood, fingers, and pick produce a remarkably different sound. Of course, there’s no doubting the note proceeds from the same instrument, but it feels different. Sonically, it is alone; it proceeds melodically without the help of others. The muscles, much like a guitar can be tuned to play in an isolated fashion to move a joint (bend your knee), or can be contracted in synchrony to produce integrated patterns of motion (jump over a hurdle).

Musical errors can be heard when a note is not tuned correctly as a chord is played. You’ve recognized the clashing dissonance of a poorly tuned guitar.

Likewise, human movement errors are much more evident when a muscle is not tuning it’s forces in synchrony with the rest of the muscular system in support of specific tasks or motions.
Training Individual Muscles vs. Muscle as a Coordinative Structure

Classically understood, gaining strength was associated with training individual muscles. You would lift weights focusing on gaining bicep strength or use a machine to develop your lats. Much like playing single notes on a guitar, these exercises developed muscles in isolation without considering the importance of training in a more harmonic fashion.

However, your muscles do not work in this individualized way. Muscles work together in support of whatever tasks your body is trying to accomplish. The muscles fire as a group (like a chord), rather than individually (like a note). In movement science, muscle operates as a coordinated structure — the collective action of elements that govern the behavior of a system. The muscle system changes the way it works in response to the challenges of the task.

Even a simple task such as walking involves muscles all over the body, working in harmony and underneath constraints to accomplish the desired task. A group of muscles throughout the body operate together in order to accomplish a single functional goal. The action of walking is a relation to the muscle group that allows a body to walk. Similarly, the parts of an airplane work together to give the machine the opportunity to fly. The airplane, like muscle, is an object; flying, like walking, is a relation.

Therefore, tasks ought to be classified not by the mechanism (i.e., a specific muscle), but by function and intention.
The Muscle Chord

So then in the strength training illustration, it is critical to understand how muscles work in harmony. Train functionally and intentionally, letting the muscles perform their tasks, not in isolation but with a purpose toward the relation you hope to achieve. No matter the training, your muscles need to function in three planes of motion, in response to the task you are performing, in the environment in which you are located, and your individual factors.

“Be strong” is more than lifting weights. It’s a frame of mind focused on functional harmony, the ability for your muscles to perform as a cohesive chord instead of a single note. Muscle is potential energy, a combination of force and sensation. Muscle can feel, react, liberate, and utilize energy in other physical objects to feed it’s own growth. Muscle is the scale by which we measure the invisible forces of mass, acceleration, inertia, and momentum. Through our muscles, we have the unique ability to respond to the world around us. Muscle is a sense organ.

Your body is a finely tuned instrument and strong muscles are an important part of a high functioning life. So consider the tasks you want to perform, not the specific muscles you want to strengthen.

Once you know the task, you can train with it in mind, strengthening muscles in harmony instead of isolation, with a view toward function and intention.

Be strong doesn’t mean bulk up; it means possess the physical strength and coordination to achieve better in mind, body, and spirit.

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I love Pro Motion Functional Fitness. Before coming I didn't believe I could reach my personal... health goals of being stronger, healthier and thinner. I have been at Promotion Functional Fitness I have been moving closer to those goals. I work with Erin at Pro Motion and she is a great support, motivator and wealth of knowledge when I have questions. She is very patient and keeps me focused. I love that no matter what time of day I can fit my workout in I always have access. It has been a great fit for me. It's not your typical gym and that's what I love about more
Lisa A.
Lisa A.
21:10 05 Apr 19
I started with physical therapy on the PT side of this business about 18 months ago for about two... months with a back injury that had me nearly bedridden for several weeks. After I completed my physical therapy, I started weight training at Pro-Motion Functional Fitness with my physical therapist assistant, Jacob Garcia. To call the program Jacob has had me working on for over a year now life changing would be a huge understatement. Overall, I can't say enough good things about Jacob and all the staff and therapists I've met at Pro-Motion Physical Therapy. They are friendly, professional, know their jobs and clearly enjoy their work. Most importantly, I've seen astronomical improvement in my health and well-being and my more
Joe S.
Joe S.
21:28 06 Jun 19
In a world with "gyms" around every corner Pro Motion Fitness and their staff are dedicated to each... individual and their needs. They have an approach more
Alex W.
Alex W.
19:36 12 Feb 16
Lots of options and personal attention to developing your individual work out routine. Plenty of... classes, too. It’s a friendly, fun place to work out!read more
Ann W.
Ann W.
20:38 18 Feb 19
I have been working with a personal trainer for 5 plus months. The progress I have seen and felt... has been great. Everyone there is knowledgeable and kind. Great place to workout!read more
Leslie J.
Leslie J.
19:29 26 Nov 18
My wife and I have been members for a few months now and it has been the best gym experience I've... had in 20 years. Knowledgeable and helpful staff, more
Martin D.
Martin D.
15:19 20 Dec 12
Friendly, professional & knowledgeable staff that reach out, getting to know you & your goals. Love... the challenging & varied classes that are offered each week. An added bonus is being able to access the gym any time!read more
Holly Dunham- W.
Holly Dunham- W.
15:57 07 Apr 19
Natalie is an amazing trainer. I love the low key atmosphere where everyone is there to work hard... at their personal best more
Geri C.
Geri C.
22:02 14 Aug 19
One of the absolute best things I've ever done! Sooo much healthier now and focused on being active... and fit! Thank you!! ☺read more
Carol S.
Carol S.
01:02 07 Apr 19
I love Pro Motion Functional Fitness. Before coming I didn't believe I could reach my personal... health goals of being stronger, healthier and thinner. more
Lisa A.
Lisa A.
14:09 05 Apr 19
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